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tv   Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  July 14, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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cup final against the argentina. i guarantee you'll know our guest in rio by the sound of his voice. it's monday, the 14th of july. good morning and welcome to our first show from miami. thank you for joining me! my 0 years of television news, i've covered it all. and i know it goes beyond the powerbrokers in washington. it's all about the people. all people. impacted by the policies and issues you and i discuss every day. and it's those voices you'll be hearing in this show. our first focus communities and crisis as unaccompanied children continue to flow across the border. it's not just a border issue. the impact is being felt from nebraska, michigan, to oklahoma. many bracing for an influx of immigrant children while washington continues to hit brick walls for real solutions. state governors vice president biden for help as they gathered
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for the national governor's social meeting in nashville, tennessee over the weekend. nebraska governor told politico the federal government is come police it in a secret operation to transfer illegal individuals to my state and they won't tell us who they are. he claims at least 200 children were sent from the border to nebraska by the federal government last week. michigan res debits protesting the possibility of a group of kids heading to their state. as congressman put it the loudest voices are often the most negative voices. that's what we've been seeing. including the possibility that the minute man project could return to the border. the head of the organization announcing, quote, we're going there to stop an invasion. but rhetoric aside. what needs to happen this week to impel wh quell what is clearly a crisis not ending any time. joining me now is joe garcia what serves on border security. good to see you. >> good to see you. congratulations. >> thank you, my friend. we just heard about the anger
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and the protests around the country. what do you say to those it's time to send the kids home. it's not our problem. >> what it's time to do is pass comprehensive immigration reform. your brother, who has been a leader in this and a saint in the united states congress on the republican side. he has been laboring. and last week basically left him out to dry. the problem is we're sent to congress to do difficult things. this is a difficult thing. and the children on the border is one more symptom of a completely broken system. what we need to do -- >> but -- >> and pass congress. >> all right let's talk about that. because comprehensive immigration reform on noncomprehensive immigration reform is moot for this year. >> i don't think so. i don't think -- listen, it may be dead in bain boehner's mind just like violence against women was done. why?
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because we're sent here to do difficult things. mr. boehner may not want to do it. we need to do it. the crisis on the border is just one more symptom of a system that -- >> so -- >> you're in miami. you're in a community that basically more than 70% of the people that review are from somewhere else. they're either a refugee from cuba or south america, new york moving to miami. the realty it's a community made of diversity. we have to have a system that works. if you're trich doesn't work. if you're poor it doesn't work. >> okay. we know there's almost $4 billion. the president wants to deal with the crisis. here is mike mccall. listen to this. >> we're not going to write a blank check for $4 billion or it's going to be more targeted. we're looking at things like changing the 2008 law. things like border security bill that passed out of my committee putting that as a provision so we can get it done.
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should we change a law so the central american children are treated like children crossing from mexico. >> listen what they passed this year. the only thing they passed last year is to revodhaka. they put it on the floor and voted it. >> what do we do? what do we do with the reality? >> we need to pass mccall which is part of my bill. it's a part of the only comprehensive immigration reform bill that is bipartisan in the house. it has democrats and republicans. it's on the house. hr 50. we need to pass it out and the president's supplemental so we can deal with the problem. the idea that you can stand there, put your hands in the pocket and let the humanitarian crisis unfold. listen, the only thing we're going to pass out is not a law stripping rights away from people. this is a law that the republicans pass that george bush and people like louis goaler voted for. and provide we get it done.
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>> wishing the crisis didn't exist is not going to make it go away. thank you for being with us. >> it's an opportunity -- >> congratulations on the new show. >> thank you. let's move to border state. joining me now is someone at the center of the debate. republican state senator dan patrick. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. congratulations on your new show, jose. >> i appreciate it. it's an issue front and center on the campaign. your state running on all side. the president's visit out of the way. what do you see happening in your state this week on the ground in texas? >> well, we have to continue try to secure our border where the federal government is not. it's a humanitarian crisis. we're a generous nation. we're a christian nation who tries to help others. we have chaos here. we have to put america first. all americans, mexico-americans, all hispanics, african-american, angelo-americans and what we've forgotten is if you don't have a border, jose, you can literally protect and control to allow
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people in if an organized way, you lose total control of your country. that's what is happening. and while we focus on the children coming across at the same time on a weekly basis we have an estimated 25 to 30,000 or more adults crossing the border. we're a apprehending about 8 to 10,000 people a week now along with the children. and so we don't have security on the border. terrorists can come across. drugs are coming across. we apprehended hundreds of pounds of marijuana and cocaine just in the last week. the bad guys are taking advantage of the humanitarian crisis and we must have the national guard. we must secure the border now, jose. >> so -- let me ask -- you mentioned a lot of points i think are very important. but one would be if there was comprehensive immigration reform and the people who are leaving central america could have the opportunity to search for a legal way of coming to the united states, and not having to
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wait 99 years in line like currently they have to. then maybe the danger of crossing in through mexico, which is one of the most dangerous things you can do, wouldn't be so appealing to them. >> i've been saying this throughout my entire campaign. we need legal immigration reform. i blamed both parties in washington for the last two decades of doing nothing. people should not to come america on the top of a train and back of an 18-wheeler and hide in the shadows. we need a dignified way. legal immigration for people to come to america. but the president has to take something off the table and the democrats. they cannot insist on amnesty being part. i think it's a stumbling block with republicans. the president needs to get together with the republicans both sides need to give. we need to have total security on our border, jose. again, i'm concerned about terrorists crossing the border. i'm concerned about the hundreds of pounds of drugs, and the criminals who are crossing. >> we got -- look at i
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appreciate your time. you say on the website lieutenant governor i will work to instate tuition for illegal immigrants, pro -- donate today if we must stop the illegal invasion. how does -- >> you can call it overwhelmed. choose a word. i've been talking about since i began my campaign almost 18 months ago. now everything i talked about is true. i was criticized for suggesting that we have people crossing the border unchecked for health issues and diseases. a democrat senator, senator juan from the valley is saying the same thing. in is common sense, jose. you can't have people coming from countries in central america particularly where the health care is not at the level of mexico, for example. you know you have issues in terms of diseases. you know we're being overwhelmed. border security now 70% according to the border patrol
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officers focussing on the humanitarian crisis and not protecting the border. in is chaos. we must repeal the d aka act and border security. we need the national guard. it's impacting a 50 states. it's total chaos. many democrats saying hundreds of children are being dumped in their states and they don't know who they are. i'm concerned for the children as well. >> i appreciate your time. i wish we had more time to talk about issue. on many are willing to die for this country to repeal that as a first step i think is worth a conversation in the future. >> we have to stop the magnets of attracting people to come to america. >> thank you. >> thank you. we'll talk to a teenager who made the dangerous journey. from the boarder to los angeles. pro israel rally turned violent. and things got bad enough.
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homeland security officer had to fire a one shot in the air. four people were arrested. the israeli military said they downed a drone launched by gaza militants today after nearly a week of israel's offensive that began the death toll now in gaza stands at 172. ayman mojadidi is live in gaza. what is the very latest? >> good morning. as it has for the past several days. these times of the day tend to have a lull in the shelli inas palestinians try to go about the business. today's focus has been on the north part of the gaza strip. 17,000 living on the northern part moved into u.n. schools converted into makeshift shelters. this after they were given warnings over the past 24 hours so to leave their homes or risk being injured. at the same time, as you mentioned, the military wing of hamas has surprised a lot of people here. effectively saying that they have launched three drones into
7:11 am
israeli air space. one said was shot down. the other two unclear if they are in fact israeli air space or if they never were released into their at the first time around. but more importantly it does raise questions about the ongoing operations. for the past seven days, israel has been shelling gaza consistently saying it's degrading hamas' capabilities. it's raising questions whether or not a ground operation is in fact the only way to try to suppress the rockets. growing concerns about what it would mean for civilian population in gaza. >> ayman mojadidi, thank you very much. we could get news on the future of same sense marriage in florida today. a 2016 feud taking root in the south. we'll talk to my colleague about perry ve versus paul. pills.
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developing news. we go live to the justice department eric holder is announcing a $7 billion settlement. made up of $4.5 billion cash $2.5 in the half of consumer relief. a fallen message let's zoom through today's stop stories. closely watching what happens in florida today. a judge could overturn the same sex marriage ban. a gay couple from key west challenged the 2008 law. new jersey police officer being remembered today. he was on the job for just seven months when he was shot in the head while responding to an armed robbery. the suspect opened fire on sant gag go's patrol call. they returned fire killing he
7:16 am
was about to be famous, he quoted. the leader heard mocking the bring back our girls campaign. it's been three months since kidnapped more than 200 schoolgirls and women. this weekend pakistan cool girls shot by the taliban traveled to nigeria to meet with the girl's families. after two years of sitting underwater. the process begins for the refloating of the costa concordia. it killed 32 people. one person still missing. it could take up to a week. secretary of state is trying to make a nuclear deal happen with iran before the deadline. kerry met with iran's foreign minister in an a last ditch attempt. now to the legal battle brewing in washington between house speak speaker john boehner and president obama. it should reach a boiling point
7:17 am
this week. lawsuit centers on president obama's executive actions on the employer mandate in the affordable care act. joining me now host of msnbc "the last word" and a dear friend. lawrence o'donnell. >> great to be here. it's my honor to welcome you into the msnbc. >> thank you. it's a privilege to have you on my, friend. let's talk about the end game for speaker boehner suing the president of the united states of america. >> the what he's come down to. we've seen months and months and months of rhetoric, jose. you could say years of rhetoric on the republican side of the house saying this presidency is out of control. members of the house representatives using the word impeachment from time to time saying maybe it's come to that. now we see, now we see what the outrage behavior of the president is. it is changing some dates. some effective dates in the affordable care act. and, by the way, changing those dates in a direction that
7:18 am
republicans like, which is to say delaying the implementation of a provision they hate. and the employer mandate. and so it's fascinating to see their empire complaint about the presidency comes down to dates within the legislation. >> and, you know, lawrence, what is fascinating for some opn the right is not good call. calls for some republicans to impeach president obama. sarah palin has been adding to that. enough is enough of the years from the abuse from the president. his unsecured border crisis, for me, is the last straw. it makes a battered wife saying no mas. that's enough. it's time to impeach. we can't let know what we know is going to happen next happen. it's time to impeach. >> eric holder responded yesterday on abc this week delivering a strong attack. >> she wasn't a particularly
7:19 am
good vice presidential candidate. she's a worse judge of who ought to be impeached and kbrp. >> here is what the u.s. constitution says. quote, the president, vice president, and civil offices of the united states shall be removed from office for impeachment for an conviction of treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors. to be fair speaker boehner and bob good lat said impeachment isn't an option. why does the possibility keep coming up? >> it's a word she loves to say, jose. she can't -- she can't resist this. she's playing to a fringe element in the republican world that is occasionally interested in what she has to say in order to get attention anywhere. she has to say the most inflammation thins. she has to up the ante. that's where sarah palin is. >> sarah palin may be in the
7:20 am
past. let's talk about the future. 2016 it seems heating up over the weekend when texas governor rick perry, potential candidate for president, wrote in the washington post hitting rand president obama paul -- which are shared by many on the left and some of the right. in today's world and today's threats we cannot take shelter across the sea only after freedom is lost. that was president reagan's warnings. the senator hit back at perry this morning on politico and wrote in part there are many things i like about the texas governor incoming his stance on the tenth amendment. apparently his new glasses haven't altered his perception of the world or haven't allowed him to see it more clearly. why is he so concern eed paul? >> they know they're going to be running against each other. and if you have to judge it
7:21 am
today, jose, there is no question based on those two pieces, which i urge people to read if you want to see how the candidacy will play out. rand paul is going to crush rick perry on the debate stage with the facts in this subject area. what is not clear is how the republican primary voter is going to lean. because everything that rick perry is advocating is in his piece is the old thinking of the republican party. and rand paul definitely is the new thinking. and everything that rick perry is trying to argue has been proven to be wrong by history. but the striking thing is, that there is absolutely no difference today in policy options entertained by rand paul and rick perry in iraq. which is what rick perry was writing about. rand paul is in favor of exactly the same timid responses in iraq that rick perry said he's in favor of it.
7:22 am
in policy there's no difference between them. but in terms of the debating skills on this subject, my bet is on rand paul crushing rick perry on this. >> so, lawrence, so sarah palin says no mas. i say mas lawrence in the future of this show. >> i can't wait! it's been great! >> thank you. you can watch the last word monday through thursday at 10:00 p.m. right here on msnbc. if you think there's heat between rick perry and rand paul. you want to check out the heat twitter was generating. take a look at the map. are americans finally sold on soccer? that's next. jennifer vooel is the founder of l.a. based clean bee baby. an ecofriendly cleaning service
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globe. take a look. german striker finally found the goal 113 minute. look at that. explosion of joy. and tears for the argentina. here is with rihanna to give a play-by-play. that's a nice picture she wasn't the only pop star who will have more on shoo keishakira. the world's greatest basketball player. he posted to instagram the photograph with the caption the greatest sporting event i've ever been to. i'm sure a man who has two nba titles, won in the heat, on facebook. her love from the final. i want to show you the picture she was there alongside tom brady. it's not just clebs. consider putin, he took time off
7:27 am
from invading a neighboring country to join the party. sitting with german chancellor, i believe, smiled. and fifa's president. facebook reports a record 280 million interactions making the most discussed sporting event ever on facebook. twitter reports a record 618,000 tweets per minute. and to that end on this broadcast i want to connect with you. you can follow me and our show jdbmsnbc. and on instagram same handle. coming up. we're going talk to a teen girl who made the dangerous journey from honduras after her brother was murdered by a powerful gang.
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way we do with canada and especially mexico. if you come to our country illegally, you will be sent back. >> many people believe these kids should have a chance to make their case for asylum. so i think we have to be careful when we consider completely doing with the law. >> the children come by fleeing violence, torture, murder and rape. >> time after time you see a response from this administration that says, you know, we're really not that interested in the southern border of the united states. >> as washington debates what to do about the border crisis, the unflux of unaccompanied children making the desperate journey. nearly 40,000 since october. behind the numbers there are human faces with life stories like the nervous 7-year-old girl named amy. she was picked up at the texas border traveling without relatives and hoping to reunite with her mother in north carolina. why are these women and children risking their lives to trek 1500
7:32 am
miles from honduras, graduate ma -- graduate maul wil guatemala. i would like to introduce you to maria. we're not using her real name. she's a minor. her brother was murdered by a gang because he refused to join. later they came back and said she would be joining or suffer the same fate as her brother. she has a living sister in the united states and paid the coyote to get her across the border. nbc news is about to verify the story. we should point out maria description is consistent with others fleeing america. she doesn't speak english. ly speak in spanish and translate for you. [ speaking in spanish ] >> thank you for being us what. what did you feel when you first
7:33 am
arrived in the united states. >> translator: when i arrived -- i was suffered so much i had passed through so much in my own country and when i passed on the way over here arrived here with something like -- i never imagined in my travels. i knew things would happen to me, but it was like i felt -- i finally arrived. i finally arrived. i can finally go forward in my family and live better and continue my dreams from now on. the united states is warning the journey was dangerous. [ speaking in spanish ] yes? >> translator: it was horrible. [ speaking in spanish ] >> it was a traumatic experience coming here? horrible. horrible. >> translator: i've never imagined these things would
7:34 am
happen to me. when i left the united states to arrive here, i never thought that would happen to me. [ speaking in spanish ] is it something that gives you nightmares still? >> translator: it's something that i never forget. it will always be with me. even though i want to remove it all from my memory, i'll never be able to. because it's always in my mind. always will stay there. >> [ speaking spanish ] >> now you're here in the united states are you worried you'll be deported? >> translator: yes. because arrived to this country without papers, without any permission i lived just to save my own life. so i can continue my dream response i can help my family. [ speaking in spanish ] >> translator: it would be a tragedy. it would be a certain death for
7:35 am
me. everything that happened to me since -- everything that happened to me in my life i would note it would be the last day. [ speaking in spanish ] >> would you die? >> translator: of course. i would die. maria, thank you for being with us. your voice is important >>well, let's continue on this story because we want to frame the debate outside of an individual. president and ceo is with us from washington, d.c. thank you for being with us. your reaction to what you heard >>wel >>well, it's heart wrenching. the stories are compelling and maria's story is not the only one. but obviously -- >> that's right. >> these are young people who are fleeing desperate circumstances and willing to put their own lives at risk to be able to save their lives.
7:36 am
and so for us we have to be reminding all of us as americans whether we're white, black, or brown. these are children. this is a humanitarian situation that requires us to live up to our principles and ideals as a nation. when you have scared children living at your doorstep, you don't slam the door in their face. you make sure that these children have a safe place and we must follow our ideals as a country. that means we have a process that must be honored in order for their cases to be heard. >> and janet, i think it's important to add that many of these children in their long journey to the united states leaving a violence plagued city and country. they have to go through mexico and sometimes that can be even worse than what they left behind. they are raped many times. let's talk about what the united states should do.
7:37 am
is this a problem that the united states should be dealing with? i mean, we didn't create the problem in central america. what do we do? >> well, obviously it's a very complex problem, as you know, there are roots in central america that we need to address or this problem is rooted. and that requires us to really have a much more enlightened foreign policy engagement with these countries. but the fact of the matter is, once these kids come ton our soil, we have to make sure that we're doing what is in the best interest of these children and making sure that we're honoring the law and following the law and applying the law as it applies to these children. we have a law. a 2008 law that deals with specifically instances like maria's where you have children who have been the subject of a great tragedy and are -- we have a law that will set up
7:38 am
protections for human trafficking and we need to make sure we're applying that law and these cases are being heard. we're giving the full due process that they deserve. >> janet, when you see cases like maria, it's easy to say for the -- we as a country have to have the laws that our borders are respected and we decide who comes in to this country. and there is no process for people like maria to get any kind of asylum in the united states legally in our country. >> i think that's what we're exploring right now. because there are some who believe that we can apply the 2008 law to have these cases heard and to perhaps grant asylum where those cases are compelling like maria's. i think we're exploring how to deal with refugees in the u.s. in the 21 st century. i know, this is something that maybe new to us. but we have to make sure that whatever we're doing is in the
7:39 am
best interest of these children once they step foot on u.s. soil. and for us, that means that each case has to be heard and we have to make adjustment as to we are sending them back to certain death as maria thinks that would be the case with her or can we find a place, then, if they do and are eligible for some sort of relief or status whether it's asylum or anything else to make sure we're doing what is in the best interest of these children. >> janet of the national council. thank you for being us. before we go to the break. maria, what would you say to people who say you should should be sent back. [ speaking in spanish ] what would you tell them? >> translator: in my case, it's horrible. because i went through a lot.
7:40 am
to deport me would be too fatal. i don't deserve this. i don't deserve it because i've suffered so much. i've suffered so much. so many problems along the way. the only thing i beg is please give me a chance to stay here so i can fulfill my dreams. so i can take care of my family. and a lot of kids are dying on the way. they drown. they're murdered. others are horrible things happen to them. and they arrive here -- they're coming here because they need to be here to build a better future for their families and our countries there's economic vicissitudes but there are a lot of deaths of young people and it
7:41 am
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congratulations on your show! and may all your -- goooooal's come true! >> we'll get to my friend in a second. but first, a couple of weather headlines this morning. a rare summer cold front is hitting the midwest. it's not a polar vortex but it may feel unseasonably chilly with july temperatures set to dip into the 50s. it's part of the severe weather hitting the u.s. a raging wild fire in southern oregon forced more than 100 people to evacuate their homes. many were destroyed. the place is growing steadily because of high winds and extremely dry conditions. about 15% contained. another wild fire in northern california has grown to about
7:45 am
six square miles. more than 1,000 firefighters are battling the fire. they're facing hot, dry conditions. a 37-year-old had a illegal marijuana plot suspected of starting the fire. oklahoma got hit with earthquake activity this weekend. seven small earthquakes hit the state in a span of 14 hours. they were 30 miles northeast of oklahoma city. disney rail ground a halt after lightning strike. they aren't confirming lightning was a cause. crews evacuated the rain. no one was hurt. ! and the united states not the only place is facing severe weather. check it out. beach goers in siberia got hit with a storm. temperatures during the day reached 100 degrees plus. right before the storm. germany is celebrating the fourth world cup title this morning. here is a front page.
7:46 am
check out the german chancellor posing with the team. she smiled in that one. i have to conformation of that. a different scene in argentina. angry fans rioted in the vote. it shows you how passionate soccer fans are. and for perhaps the first time, main stream americans started to feel some of that passion. set audience records. it was up 37% over 2010. and joining me now is telemundo sports caster. he made famous the call in sports. how are you, my friend? >> very good, jose. here we are the day after the final. germany won an even contest yesterday. and argentina was very, very close to winning it. one away with the 113th minute
7:47 am
of overteam. the germans are the new champions. >> it capture's america's fascination now. do you think it's going to carry over to the next world cup in russia? z>> of course. i don't think that's now. it was more than eight years ago. i remember in 1994 when the world cup was hosted in the u.s. that was tremendous world cup fever. in france there was a little bit more. in japan a little bit more. what happened this time only shows that soccer is a main stream sport is here to stay. people gather around every four years to make soccer more popular in the u.s. but i think we have a solid strong u.s. soccer fan base. i think you can expect anything from now on. soccer is here to stay in america. >> i want to talk about klum
7:48 am
columbklu colombia. and i have to say the best dancing team of all colombia. what do you think? >> i think you're right. the dance after every goal especially in the first round colombia was a very good team. one of the very nicer prizes costa rica was the other argentina made the final. all in all i think all latin american attentiteams with the exception -- had a fairly decent to good world cup. colombia undoubtedly played good soccer. they deserve to be, you know, in the top three of the tournament. he won, as you say, the golden boot for the most goals.
7:49 am
>> it wasn't a penalty in the mexico game. you have the most famous voice in all soccer. if messi would have scored why don't you give us a call. >> no, i can't give you a call for a goal that didn't happen. he's been the best player in the world could have showed up yesterday a little more in the final. that's where the greatest players show up. and now the debate in argentina and throughout the soccer world become very clear. is he really the greatest ever? a legend keeps growing after what we saw last night. >> i have a warm spot in my heart for some of the other players that have made soccer what it is today. listen, thank you so much. i want to add next world cup in spanish we're going to hear your voice because telemundo has the
7:50 am
rights for the next world cup. >> that is correct. starting in january of 20 become the home of all fifa properties. we're proud, excited, and looking forward to the next 80 years with all the fifa-related events and russia and qatar 2022. >> thank you so much for being with us today. and from football to a much more extreme kind of sport. the running of the bulls. today was the eighth and final day of the festival in spain. and yes, i've been there and done it twice, actually. once with a camera, which is prohibited, by the way. coming up after the break. five things i would like for you to know about this show and me.
7:51 am
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six. we live in miami. at one time i carried fewer pounds and far more hair. yep, that's me. i can't nature work the other way. now four, the broadcast is for you. for all of you. whatever and whenever the stories may take us from white house, the people's house to the eye of a hurricane. i've been there and i will be there for you. number five, as i showed you earlier. i want to hear from you. good or bad. by twitter or facebook or participate in the broadcast. take ownership in it. it's for you. it's for all of us. that wraps up this hour on msnbc. thank you for the prichbvilege time. >> we have a lot going on. i want to congratulation on you on your first show. it's a pleasure to follow you. i've been a fan for a long time. and i continue to be. watching the interview with the young girl, one of the faces of
7:56 am
the so many caught up in this border battle as some see it as was absolutely powerful. it's necessary television. and that's why you hear. so we greatly appreciate. we'll follow up on the latest from the texas board enat impact of the politics. and the latest out of israel as many fear the worst is yet to come as new round of attacks from both sides have been levelled. we'll have that for you all coming up. and the latest information new details on sergeant bowe bergdahl returning to duty. quite a state of the union stun morning. we'll be back with more on news nation. only secret offers clinical strength invisible solid and clear gel with 100% odor protection. secret clinical strength.
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8:00 am
the two week old conflict shows no sign of letting up. the israel claims the iron dome intercepted many of the rockets and shot down and unmanned dream launched from gaza adding a new element to the conflict. meantime thousands are fleeing northern gaza where israel is warning of stepped up attacks. those fleeing include americans and other foreigners. officials in gaza say at least 175 people have been killed. nearly 80% civilians. many were children. while no israelis have been killed. live coverage from across the region. martin fletcher is in tel-aviv and ayman mojadidi is live in gaza. martin, let me start with you. as we mentioned, this drone fired from gaza shot down by patriot missiles. this is a new escalation in the region. >> israelis don't really see it


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